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Viola is the Field Marshal of the Alistellian army in Radiant Historia.

She is well-respected, and many of Alistel’s citizens believe that her charisma and service record far exceeds that of Hugo.  Hugo sent her to the Sand Fortress because he knew that she had more influence than him and wanted to eliminate her as she was a threat to his power.

Nicknamed "The Valkyrie", she is a proud and determined person who fights in the name of the prophet Noah. Despite her strong appearances and determination, she is inflicted with an incurable disease that is slowly eating away her life.

When the group attempts to confront Hugo about his true intentions, Viola steps in front of the group to attack them. The group attempts to reason with her, telling her the truth about Noah and how she doesn't need to claim any responsibility for what happened, however she tells them that someone must be atone for the sins and that she was dying anyways. The group fights, and Viola slowly dies, asking Stocke to stop Hugo.


The party faces Viola twice in the game: once at Granorg toward the end of Alternate History: Chapter 6, and once as a Black Guardian in the Royal Hall near the end of Standard History: Final Chapter. When fought in Granorg, she is accompanied by two high-end Auto Defenders, and when fought as a Black Guardian she is accompanied by two Floating Stones and two Noble Flames.



Viola regularly uses Divine Protection, making her immune to the next five attacks on her. Meanwhile, the Auto Defenders attack for around 60 HP a pop, and cannot be pushed. Fortunately, Viola can be pushed, and only has 2000 HP. Don't go on the defensive, take out Viola quickly, and then slowly tear apart the Auto Defenders.

Royal Hall

Along with using Divine Protection, Viola regularly moves to the front row, allowing her to easily take out a character in one turn with her two-hit 180 HP damage attack. However, she is not the main threat: the Floating Stones spam Whiteout for around 75 HP of damage to the party (though they only have 300 HP and can be destroyed in one turn), and the Noble Flames can attack as well as use Firestorm for a lethal 130 HP of fire damage to the party, and Curse to drain a character's MP over time. Once the Floating Stones are destroyed with a single trap or G-Spell, Star Traps, long combos, G-Spells, and Musou can easily defeat Viola, though she has 5000 HP. With her disposed of, a slow and dangerous battle against the Noble Flames will commence, though regularly using Greater Heal and Super Heal will allow you to survive long enough to take them out. Mana Bursts work well against the Noble Flames, though you may want to save them for Turn Breaks against Viola.