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King Victor was the late ruler of Granorg and the father of Eruca and Ernst. Some time after his wife's passing, he remarried to Protea.


Little is known about King Victor prior to his death. However, it is assumed that he was very dedicated to his duties as both a book wielder and as a member of the royal family of Granorg.

Eruca mentions that her father had a brother who had mysteriously disappeared while performing the Ritual of Flux, and the late king attempted to make his children take his brother's place. Shortly after they begun, the king died and the newly revived Prince Ernst had also disappeared.

During the course of the game, a black hooded Shadow with the Black Chronicle appears and obsructs Stocke's path throughout history. It is later revealed that Heiss had murdered his brother, King Victor and used his corpse with the Black Chronicle's power against Stocke. Heiss was revealed to be the true mastermind at this point, and the late king's body was assumed to be disposed of.