I've been working on White Chronicle stuff pretty much since joining, and I'd figure I'd make a chart of all the different nodes and whatnot so I'd know which ones need doing (and so other people interested in helping out can as well).

If a chapter isn't shown, it means that NO charts have been made on it yet. At all.

You can edit the list here.

Node Completed
Children of Historia
The Beginning
Specint Assignment
Top Secret Mission
Force Core
Joining Rosch Brigade
The Closed Mine
The Fallen Capital
Breaking Rocks
Duel in the Dark
Night Watch
Solider Recruit
Node Completed
To Granorg
The Bridge at Lazvil
The Messenger's News
The Queen Ascendant
Echoing Hills
Struggle with Bandits
Stocke's Display
A Sealed Path
Sword Dancing
Collecting Wood
Preparing a Meal
Aht's Prayer
The Sister
An Ancient City
The King's Daughter
Princess' Charge
What Was Inherited
Distorted Hope
Accident in the Cave
The Ultimate Dish
A New Mission
Summoned by Raul
Through Lazvil
Heiss' Intentions
Reporting to Viola
The Valkyrie
Kiel's Talent
Conditions Worsen
Front of Despair
Ambush Tactics
Sand Fortress Battle
A Message from Home
Marco the Calm
Raynie the Active
Red-Letter Day
A Knight's End
Flower of Promise
A Letter to Tomorrow
A Voice Unheard
Engineer Recruit