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Thaumatech is the name of the technology used to manipulate Mana, and allows humans to gain the power to perform otherwise impossible things. While it is similar to the power of Flux, it was thought as a more mechanical system, which means even people with no special knowledge or power can use it. In addition to weapons such as Thaumachines and Gauntlets, Thaumatech for civilian uses such as lifts and air conditioning has also been developed, supporting the strength and livelihood of the country of Alistel. However, since Thaumatech is intended to be fuelled by Mana, its abuse has accelerated the pace of the desertification of the world.

Fennel and his engineers are used by Hugo to develop better military technology, including large Thaumatech golems that are used by the army as walking tanks.


In addition to military use, this technology appears to be used in everyday life as well as the medical field.


In terms of military use, Thaumatech is used to make large golems or robots called thaumachines, which are programmed to attack enemies of Alistel. However, this is not their only use as evidenced by the fact that there is a Thaumatech Spear and a Thaumatech Orb obtainable throughout the game. This means that not only is Thaumatech responsible for the creation of giant fighting robots, but for specialized weapons and augments to enhance the fighting capabilities of the average soldier.

Everyday life

The entire city of Alistel is covered in metal. This leads us to believe that Thaumatech is not only used for military, but in construction. In addition, the elevator in the Alistel Castle is a product of Thaumatechnology, as referenced in the Radiant Historia Official World Guidance[1].


As evidenced by Rosch, Thaumatech can be used in medical procedures to preserve the life of one whose life is in danger at least from loss of limbs. It's possible that Thaumatech has also enhanced normal medical procedures.