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This article is about the character. For the chapter, see Prologue.

Stocke (ストック, Sutokku) is the main protagonist of Radiant Historia. He tends to be quiet and serious but still cares for his friends.


Stocke has blond hair, blue eyes, and dresses in red, hence the nicknames "Red One" and "Crimson Warrior".


Stocke is rather reserved and silent. He lets his actions speak for him rather than his words. He is no-nonsense and gets right down to business with no regard for small talk and will do anything to complete his mission.

However, above all else, he is loyal to his friends, as shown by how when he and the party were trapped in Cygnus, the first thing Stocke wanted to do was rescue everyone else.


Stocke is a 19-year-old agent in Alistel's Special Intelligence unit. Because of his abilities and skill in his profession, he is often trusted with dangerous and important missions and is well liked by his superior, Heiss. One day, Heiss gives Stocke a mission to find a fellow agent, and also hands over a mysterious empty book. Stocke thinks nothing of it, and instead leaves the office to meet his companions for the mission, Marco and Raynie. When they are ready to depart for the mission, Stocke is interrupted by his best friend Rosch, who expresses a great deal of concern for Stocke. Stocke assures him that he will be safe and departs on the mission with Marco and Raynie.

The mission takes a horrible turn, and Marco, Raynie, and Stocke are surrounded by Granorg forces. They fight against Granorg's finest soldier and Marco and Raynie die to allow Stocke a chance to escape. Stocke, heavily wounded, makes a risky escape by jumping off of a bridge. As he lay there dying, the empty book begins to shine. Stocke is then brought into the book, were he meets two mysterious children: Teo & Lippti. The children told him about the powers of the White Chronicle, the true name of the book he wielded. Stocke then uses the White Chronicle to travel back in time and successfully complete his mission while also saving Marco and Raynie.

After the mission, the timeline splits in two, one with Stocke remaining under Heiss, and the other where he decides to work with Rosch. Using the power of the book, he seeks to find a way to end the desertification.

Game data


1 165 72 22 12 18 12 11 10
8 200 86 27 16 22 18 14 13
9 205 88 28 17 23 18 14 13
23 272 115 38 27 31 30 20 19
50 473 197 68 58 56 59 35 33
99 954 387 139 131 117 130 71 69


Name MP Cost Range Description Learned
Push Assault 3 1 Enemy Physical attack. Pushes enemy back. Initial
Left Assault 3 1 Enemy Physical attack. Moves target left. 2
Power Wave 8 1 Enemy Physical attack. High damage. 4
Heal 3 1 Ally Recovers a small amount of HP. 5
Recovery 3 1 Ally Removes all status ailments from target. 7
Right Assault 3 1 Enemy Physical attack. Moves target right. 9
Fire 5 1 Enemy Fire Damage. 10
Air Assault 3 1 Enemy Physical attack. Launches enemy into air. 13
Resurrection 7 1 Ally Revives target and recovers a medium amount of HP. 14
Weakness Scan 1 1 Enemy Displays element enemy is weak to 17
Double Slash 10 1 Enemy Physical Attack. Attacks twice. 21
Steal 3 1 Enemy Steals an item 23
Greater Heal 6 1 Ally Recovers a medium amount of HP. 25
Area Heal 8 All Allies Recovers a small amount of HP. 31
Head Crush 5 1 Enemy Physical Attack. Lowers MAG. 37
Heat Blade 14 1 Row Fire damage. 42
G-Fire 15 1 Enemy Fire damage (high). 50
Fire Storm 10 Back Line Fire Damage. Moves targets forward. 60
Shadow Arts 7 Front Line Physical attack. High Damage. Shade Pact
Will o'Wisp 20 Center and corners Fire damage. Fire Pact
Wraith Blade 15 Column Non-elemental. Launches targets up. Soul Pact
Dullahan Sword 10 1 Column Physical attack. Pushes targets back. Death Pact

Mana Burst

Name Range Description Learned
Turn Break 1 enemy Deletes target's turn panel. White Page
Phantom Gain All enemies. Physical attack. Attacks 5 times. Black Page
Dead Fencer 1 enemy Physical Attack. Attacks many times. Beast Mark