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The first chapter of the Standard History is titled Journey, and it follows Stocke's party as they travel to Granorg for their next mission.

To Granorg

Stocke is supposed to meet an informant at Lazvil Hills who should direct him to his next destination. He wonders about infiltrating enemy territory, but he knows it is an important mission that could put an end to the war, and goes looking for Raynie and Marco to depart.

While searching for them, he encounters a little girl who asks him to bring her Princess Eruca's ring in order to play as her. He also meets the two young children of a botanist who ask him to help their dad on his research. Stocke goes to see him, who explains that he is looking for a way to grow Conut seeds to slow down the desertification. He hasn't succeeded yet, but tells Stocke that they sell the seeds in Granorg, and asks him to get some information if he ever gets there.

Stocke finally finds Raynie and Marco waiting for him at the bar, and after making some preparations for the mission, they leave Alistel.