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Special Forces

Stocke fights the Special Forces.

The Special Forces are a boss, fought as a pair by Stocke alone between Lazvil Hills and Alistel while fleeing Alistel with Rosch and Sonja as the final boss of Alternate History: Chapter 2. and While they appear to be generic Alistel soldiers, they are much stronger. While they may prove to be a challenge, more often then not Stocke can easily kill them.


The Forces will usually open the battle with a Power Zone on the center row and will renew it when it runs out. Push them off the row -- if they both go on the row at the same time, you may be in trouble, so use Turn Break if possible to prevent that from happening. Of course, this probably can only be done once. Otherwise, keep Stocke's HP above 75 and use Fire for damage and the battle will be easy. Both of the Special Forces have around 400 HP.