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A Shadow is a being given temporary life by Heiss through the powers of the Black Chronicle. This temporary life is supported by the Mana supplied by the Black Chronicle, and if isolated from that supply, it turns into sand.

Stocke can perceive the influence of the Black Chronicle as a black light.


The Shadow is also a recurring boss fought in Radiant Historia, which takes several different forms.

Alistel (The Beginning)

The Shadow is first encountered, though not fought, in the Prologue node "The Beginning", where he attempts to injure Stocke and Sonja, but is killed by Rosch.

Judgement Cliff

The Shadow is first fought on Judgement Cliff in the Alternate History: Chapter 1 node "Heiss' Intentions". He tells Stocke that he is Heiss' messenger and that if he does not leave the Rosch Brigade and rejoin Specint immediately, Heiss will destroy the Rosch Brigade. Stocke refuses and he leaves for Judgement Cliff, where he is attacked and "killed".


Shadow opens up with a Heal Zone on the center tile; push him off this. Shadow also uses powerful physical attacks and Stone Eye, which inflicts Petrification (though it often misses), but Shadow only has around 1200 HP, and can easily be defeated with Combos.

Sand Fortress (Sand Fortress Battle)

The Shadow is again fought, this time as "Gray Shadow" and aided by two Granorg Archers and a Light Granorgite, during the "Sand Fortress Battle" node in Alternate History: Chapter 1. He is the enemy commander in the Granorg army when they surge into the Alistel-held Sand Fortress to wipe out the Rosch Brigade.

Alistel (Reunion with Raul)

The Shadows appear yet again (this time there is three of them) as soldiers attempting to kill Stocke and his party as they flee Alistel in Alternate History: Chapter 3.

Holff Ruins

The Shadow appears yet again in the Holff Ruins in the "The Beast Mark Trial" node in Standard History: Chapter 6. It poses as a Gutral guard testing Stocke's party on the way to the Beast Mark.

Sand Fortress (Etherion)

Three Shadows attack Stocke, Eruca and Aht and attempt to assassinate Eruca in Alternate History: Chapter 5.