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Raynie (レイニー, Reinī) is a character in Radiant Historia. She was recruited by Heiss into Specint as Stocke's subordinate. Together with Marco, she belonged to a mercenary troop, but it was annihilated and only the two of them survived. Shortly after that, she was called by Heiss to work for Alistel.


She has long black hair, brown eyes, and is often wearing a low-cut blue brigandine.


She is optimistic and always jumps to conclusions. She is the character foil to Marco, being the impetuous and brash one of the two.


Raynie starts off as Stocke's subordinate, but later on in the game, after they team up with Princess Eruca, Stocke considers her and Marco to be his equals.

Before getting involved with Heiss and Alistel, she lived in Cygnus after her parents were killed protecting her.

In the sidequest "At Journey's End", Raynie confesses her romantic feelings for Stocke and in the true ending, it implies that Stocke and Raynie will become a couple.

Game data


1 138 61 33 17 21 16 11 7
8 171 69 22 11 26 13 13 10
22 239 85 27 17 36 15 19 15
50 442 116 42 32 67 27 34 30
99 921 214 78 67 124 51 69 65



MP Cost Range Description Learned
Push Assault 3 Single enemy Physical Damage + Knocks target back 2
Thunder 5 Single enemy Lightning Damage 4
Poison Break 3 Single enemy Physical Damage + Poison 8
Frost 5 Single enemy Frost Damage 11
Fire 5 Single enemy Fire Damage 15
Regenerate 3 All allies Hp recovery each turn 20
Rush 12 Front Row Physical Damage x 2 25
G-Fire 15 Single enemy Fire Damage (High) 30
Mana Regen 12 Single ally Mana recovery each turn 35
G-Thunder 15 Single enemy Lightning Damage (High) 41
G-Frost 15 Single enemy Frost Damage (High) 47
Backfire 12 Back Line Fire Damage + Moves target forward 53
Cross Thunder 15 Cross Pattern Thunder Damage 60
Resist Boost 4 Single ally Temporarily raises MDF (Magic Defense) Darkshield Scroll
(Raynie the Active)
Sleep Break 4 Single enemy Physical Damage + Sleep Slumbering Scroll
(Raynie the Active)
Armor Break 12 Single enemy Physical Damage + Lowers DEF(Defense) Piercing Scroll
(Raynie the Active)
Poison Blast 10 Two Rows Poison Damage Poisoner Scroll
(Raynie the Active)

Mana Burst

Name Range Description Learned
Turn Break Single enemy Deletes target's turn panel. White Page
Inferno All enemies Fire Damage Black Page
Frozen Hell Single enemy Ice Damage (Attacks several times) Beast Mark