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Raul (ラウル Rauru) is a character in Radiant Historia. He is Lieutenant General of Alistel's army and friend to Rosch. He warns Rosch of events to come, and advises him to avoid Supreme General Hugo if possible. He has an idea of Hugo's true intentions and warily watches him from the sidelines.



  • Raul is the only high-ranking officer of the Alistellian army that you don't have to battle.
  • Raul's design varies among official art; in some depictions his armour is silver, in others it is bronze. It is important to note that it is silver in his in-game character portrait and the end credits, yet it is bronze in his map sprite.
  • In a poll done by Atlus to see who the players picked as their favourite characters, Raul came in 5th place, one spot below Heiss and one above Raynie.