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Protea (プロテア, Purotea) is the Queen of Granorg, widow of King Victor and Eruca and Stocke's step-mother. Although she is queen, never has she listened to the pleas of the people. She cares only for her own well being, indulging herself in luxury. In actuality, it is not her who commands the troops, but High Colonel Dias and Count Selvan who manipulate her to do their bidding.


Protea has short purple hair, purple eyes, and wears purple clothing, with the exception of a blue tiara and gold accessories.


She is extremely cruel towards her subjects and is very unloving, even to her family, shown when she celebrated the fact that Stocke was killed as the sacrifice and schemed against Eruca.


Alternate History

Protea is seen most of the time sitting in the throne room and fanning herself. Although she believes that all military actions of Granorg were decided on her own, Dias and Selvan were the ones who made the decisions. She is mostly oblivious to Granorg's military status.

When Granorg is losing the war, Dias and Selvan meet with Protea to inform her that she will be sacrificed to Alistel in order to form a treaty against the rebellion. Before Protea could act, soldiers restrain her and take her away, leaving her to be executed.

Later, Eruca mentions that Protea carried the special stone called Etherion which prevented the process that turned people to sand. However, her execution led to the Etherion to be taken by Alistel and used in Hugo's new war machine.

Standard History

Similarly to the Alternate History, Protea is seen sitting in the throne room for most of the events of the story. When the group meets with Protea, she offers Eruca the opportunity to return to her side. Eruca refuses so she calls Selvan to deal with the group. Selvan, realizing that they were defeated, informs the group that they may do whatever they pleased to Protea, and leaves the throne room without aiding her in any way. Protea, flustered and afraid, sends her remaining elite guards to deal with the group. However, the guards are defeated and Eruca claims the throne, leaving Protea to run away.