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"I am Palomides, the Executioner. I shall crush any vermin beneath my heel."
Palomides (パロミデス Paromidesu), also called "the Executioner", is a subordinate of High Colonel Dias, and belongs to the Granorg army. He is fought as a boss multiple times in the game.


Standard History

Alternate History


Lazvil Hills


The party faces Palomides in the Lazvil Hills.

Stocke, Raynie, and Marco fight Palomides and three Granorg Archers in the Prologue, though Raynie and Marco are knocked unconscious and cannot be revived. This battle cannot be won, as Stocke only has around 30 HP for it and Palomides's lance deals around 900 damage.

Itolia Wasteland

Palomides and his right-hand man, Gardner, are fought in the Itolia Wasteland in Standard History: Chapter 5.


Gardner regularly casts Heal Zone under Palomides, and because both foes take up two squares, it can be tough to push Palomides out of the way. Instead, try using cross-spells such as Stocke's Will-O-Wisp to attack both foes at once, or concentrate on Gardner; G-Fire works well, as do traps, since Gardner takes up two spaces. Gardner has around 2500 HP, and later in the battle will cast Power Rise to increase damage dealt by both him and Palomides, after which Palomides will be able to attack for around 150 damage; he also takes less damage from magic than physical attacks, but you don't have Rosch or Gafka on your side; making physical attacks impractical.

Later on Palomides will start using Full Charge, which hits the whole party for around 75 damage under Power Rise. Once Gardner is defeated, however, Palomides is little threat and you can easily keep up with him for healing purposes, especially if you use Aht's or Marco's Area Heal. You can also steal Giant Armor from Palomides, which is a very good armor for Stocke and Rosch. Palomides has around 3000 HP.

Royal Hall

Palomides is the first Black Guardian (specifically, "Death in Black"), and appears in a recreation of Lazvil Hills, along with a pair of Pure Ice.


Palomides regularly uses Destroy to instantly KO a character, similar to his regular attack in the first battle. The Pure Ice, while immune to being pushed and very defensive, aren't particularly powerful. They often use Guard Down and Mana Guard Down to open up characters to Palomides's attacks. Palomides has roughly 3500 HP, so three Star Traps from Aht will kill him, as will several cross-spells such as Stocke's Will-O-Wisp and Raynie's Cross Thunder. These spells also have the advantage of destroying the Pure Ice as well.

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