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Noah is a prophet and founder of Alistel who was considered to be a symbol of hope, but due to his old age, Hugo spoke to the people in his place. However, recent activity in the game has made many people very suspicious about Noah's intentions.


Later on in the game, the people of Alistel demanded Noah's appearance to the public, as well as to hear the voice of the great prophet himself. Hugo complied with public demands, and brought out a cloaked figure to the public, announcing that Noah has appeared. However, the figure falls down to the floor, and the soldiers check to discover and announce that the figure was nothing more then a mannequin. Hugo, flustered and worried, ran back to the castle, leaving the citizens to panic and question their beliefs from now on.

The truth is revealed, that Hugo was simply announcing his own plans under the guise of "Noah's words", and that he was the one making all the unusual commands.

Although the figure in the game was a mannequin that was used as a tool to further Hugo's ambitions, Stocke and Rosch mention the existence of a real Noah, having seen him at least once in the past.

Possible History

The Possible History expands upon Noah much more, and he even appears as a recurring character in the main timeline of the Possible History.