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Mimel is a minor character in Radiant Historia.



An old friend of Marco, she used to be a mercenary too, but she was heavily wounded in battle and couldn't fight anymore. When Marco and Raynie went to Alistel under Heiss command, Marco asked her to come as well, but her inability to fight couldn't get her a job in Specint, so she ended up working in a restaurant.

Some time later, she quit her job and left to Cygnus, where she still works as a waitress.


When Marco and Stocke met her, it is revealed that she was recruited as a spy to secretly work against Cygnus by aiding in the plan on the Hell Spider. When Stocke confronts Mimel about her traitorous acts, Marco pleads to Stocke to spare her the punishment. At this point, the player is given a choice:

  • If the player decides to turn in Mimel to the government regardless of Marco's pleas, Mimel will be imprisoned and tortured for her crimes. The scene will then shift to the future, where Marco and Stocke are seen battling each other. Marco announces that he had planned for the day to kill Stocke out of revenge for Mimel, who lost her mind from her imprisonment and committed suicide.
    This decision leads to the bad ending, Simmering Fury.
  • If the player decides to listen to Marco and let Mimel alone in exchange for information, Mimel will reveal that she was working for "Someone you know" before turning into sand, unable to provide information to Stocke and leaving Marco heartbroken, but with renewed confidence.
    This decision results in the current sidequest, An Unwanted Reunion, being completed.


If the player has finished the sidequest mentioned up above, Marco will be seen at the end celebrating with the troops and seeing someone who looks like Mimel. The young girl asks if she was his girlfriend, to which he replies she could have been if they had both survived the war.