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Marco (マルコ, Maruko) is a character is Radiant Historia. Together with Raynie, he belonged to a mercenary troop, but it was annihilated and only the two of them survived. Shortly after that, they were recruited by Heiss into Specint, and later put under Stocke's command.


Marco has light brown hair, brownish-green eyes, and wears a white and green tunic.


Marco is the more serious of the two, and prefers facts over assumptions, such as disbelieving Raynie's theory of the monster causing the cave-in on purpose based on the fact that monsters supposedly can't think, despite the fact that they were easy targets for the monsters.

Like Raynie, he holds admiration for Stocke as their superior and longs for a group that he can call a family. When Stocke tells the two about acting against Alistel, which effectively means turning against Heiss, he immediately joins Stocke, despite the fact he owed Heiss for helping him and Raynie.

In the ending "Simmering Fury", it is revealed that Marco is capable of concealing strong emotion and tactically plotting out major schemes and battles.



Marco, along with Raynie, worked for various Alistel mercenary groups for most of their lives, however they lost the most recent group when monsters had attacked during a job and accidentally caused a cave-in which killed everyone except Raynie and Marco. At some point, Heiss appears in front of the two and offers them a place in the Alistel army. Since the accident, Raynie had mentioned to Marco her suspicions that the monster that caused the cave-in had meant to create is all along, but Marco dismisses the idea, explaining that such an idea would mean that monsters would have the ability to think, which was reported to be untrue based on studies.

It is also implied that Marco has a romantic history with a girl named Mimel.

Game data


1 132 64 24 14 18 17 10 6
8 164 74 21 9 22 15 13 9
9 170 75 21 9 23 16 13 9
22 231 92 27 14 31 21 19 14
50 435 138 38 29 57 38 33 29
99 892 228 63 64 116 76 68 64


Name MP Cost Range Description Learned
Heal 3 Single ally Recovers HP (Low) 2
Grapple 3 Single enemy Physical damage + Moves target forward 3
Weakness Scan 1 Single enemy Find Weaknesses 4
Magic Boost 4 Single ally Temporarily raises MAG (Magic) 8
Guard Boost 4 Single ally Temporarily raises DEF (Defense) 11
Push Assault 3 Single enemy Physical damage + Knocks target back 15
Area Heal 8 All allies Recovers HP (Low) 19
Speed Break 4 Single enemy Physical damage + Lowers SPD (Speed) 23
Trans-Turn 3 Single ally Choose an ally to take over your current Turn Panel 26
Resurrection 7 Single ally Revive from KO + Recovers HP (Mid) 29
All Recovery 7 All allies Cures ailments 33
Greater Heal 6 Single ally Recovers HP (Mid) 37
Guard Rise 10 All allies Temporarily raises DEF (Defense) 42
Magic Rise 10 All allies Temporarily raises MAG (Magic) 47
Super Heal 10 Single ally Recovers HP (High) 52
Area G-Heal 12 All allies Recovers HP (Mid) 60
Right Assault 3 Single enemy Physical damage + Knocks target right Right-Cut Scroll
(Marco the Calm)
Left Assault 3 Single enemy Physical damage + Knocks target left Left-Cut Scroll
(Marco the Calm)
Sleep Cloud 10 Two Rows Sleeps Target Sleep Gas Scroll
(Marco the Calm)
Spin Slash 10 Single enemy Physical Damage (4x) Roll-cut scroll
(Marco the Calm)

Mana Burst

Name Range Description Learned
Turn Break single enemy Deletes target's turn panel. White Page
Angel Voice All allies Temporarily raises DEF (Defense)/MDF (Magic Defense) Black Page
Heaven's Guard All allies Cure ailments, Recover HP / Temporarily power-up Beast Mark