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Kiel (キール, Kīru) is a young soldier who joins the Rosch Brigade in the Alistelian military. He looks up to Stocke and appears to have a crush on Sonja. Kiel is also a skilled swordsman, although he is better at swords-dancing than the actual combat.


Kiel has messy light brown hair that he keeps behind a black and yellow bandanna. He also wears the standard soldier's uniform, but with a yellow tunic instead of a red or blue one.


Kiel is significantly less experienced than any of the party members. He looks up to Stocke and Rosch and looks for any opportunity to learn from them. He's also kind of the leader for the rest of the troops in the Rosch Brigade.


When Stocke first meets Kiel, he acts as a bit of a leader for the Rosch Brigade. However, Kiel recognizes that he is inexperienced and prefers to be directed by Stocke or Rosch. He knows very little about actual combat with a sword, but is incredibly adept at swords-dancing.