The Imperial Ruins are the remnants of an ancient civilization that once ruled over Vainqueur.



Long ago, there existed a great empire which name has been lost in time. With their advanced control of thaumatechnology, they created the Black Chronicle to freely manipulate time using the power of Flux. This led them into a golden age of prosperity, conquering and uniting the whole continent.


Years later, an experiment was performed on the original wielder of the Black Chronicle and the vessel of Flux went out of control, turning its wielder into a Mana-absorbing monster. Many had thought that the Mana supply of the land was infinite, but later discovered that the entire southwestern portion of the continent turned into a desert. To counteract this, the emperor sealed the creature inside a timeless dimension called Historia, and created the White Chronicle to maintain its seal. Teo & Lippti, the two young children of a thaumatech engineer, were offered as volunteers to oversee this seal and guide the wielders of the White Chronicle on their duty. After the seal was completed though, the emperor's whereabouts became unknown and the empire began its downfall, separating into various small independent cities.

The emperor's son wandered the land for many years, but eventually settled and founded the Kingdom of Granorg, guiding his people with his ability to foresee the future.