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Hugo is a character in Radiant Historia. He is General and Supreme Commander of Alistel's army, as well as the voice of the Prophet Noah, therefore seen as the actual ruler of Alistel.



Hugo is fought twice as a boss in the game.

First Battle

Hugo is first fought in the Underground Lab at the end of Alternate History: Chapter 6. When he is defeated, he regenerates his strength with the power of Flux, and refighting him will result in the same until Stocke gets the Historica.


Hugo has around 1000 HP and can be effortlessly defeated.

Second Battle

After getting Historica, Hugo cannot regenerate, and is fought again in the Underground Lab at the end of Alternate History: Chapter 6. He regularly calls Alistel Officers to help him.


Right at the start of the battle, Hugo will use Reinforcements to call two Alistel Officers, and if they are defeated, he will call more. The officers will inflict status effects, and Hugo will aid them with paralysis via the spell Purgatory. As such, it's best to equip three Sky Drops and use Aht's Polaris or Raynie's Resist Boost to negate these effects. Even so, the spells can connect, so bring lots of status-recovery items. Worst of all, the officers use Anti-Magic to make themselves and Hugo immune to magic. Hugo will also use Wrath of God to inflict ~100 damage on your whole party.

The Officers only have around 500 HP, so it isn't that hard to take the two of them out and then go against Hugo by himself for a while, healing nearly every turn to evade his mace and Wrath of God. Star Traps and G-Spells are especially useful. When Hugo calls more officers, simply defeat them and return to attacking Hugo. Try to defeat both at once, as the officers can and will also use Reinforcements. Hugo has around 12,000 HP so the battle can take almost 10 minutes if you aren't overlevelled.