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This article is about the character. For the chapter, see Alternate History: Final Chapter.

Heiss (ハイス Haisu) is the leader of Specint and Stocke's mentor in Radiant Historia. He puts Raynie and Marco under Stocke's command as well as entrusts Stocke with the White Chronicle.

As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that Heiss knows more about the White Chronicle than he lets on. It turns out Heiss is Stocke and Eruca's biological uncle.  


He is grotesque-looking due to the fact that he used the Black Chronicle so many times.


Heiss is ruthless and won't hesitate to kill to get his way. He is ambitious and vengeful. Despite this, he loves Stocke and kidnapped him to save him from being a sacrifice.



Heiss is fought as a boss several times throughout Radiant Historia.


During the node Homecoming in Alternate History: Chapter 2, Heiss attacks Stocke to keep him from escaping with information about Hugo's dealings with Granorg.

Stocke fights this battle alone, making it similar to Vlad the Spy. Heiss will use the powerful Blood Pain to deal around 70 damage to Stocke and restore his own HP; when he is not casting Blood Pain he will attack twice per turn. To lessen damage, have Stocke use Push Assault to move Heiss to the back row, then chain together turns to Stocke can cast Fire several times in a row to deal major damage to Heiss, without Heiss casting Blood Pain between attacks. The Mana Burst Turn Break can also prove helpful. Heiss flees when his HP is critical. Heiss has roughly .

Imperial Ruins

Heiss is the final boss of Alternate History: Final Chapter, fought in the Imperial Ruins when he attempts to kill Eruca so that the Ritual cannot be carried out. He is aided by two Shadows.

This may be one of the hardest battles in the game. Heiss regularly uses MP Break to lower characters' MP, along with double-hit 100-damage attacks, and the Shadows regularly use 175-damage attacks. Altogether, the three of them can hit for 500 damage, which can be lethal to a level 40 party. The Shadows have roughly , so having Aht create Star Traps in the front row and then pulling them into it can wipe them out, as will Will-O-Wisp and similar "cross" spells.

Without the Shadows, Heiss is greatly weakened, and can be eliminated without much effort.

Gran Plain

The party follows Heiss through time to Standard History: Chapter 1, where they fight him to keep him from killing Eruca seconds before she meets Stocke's past self. He calls a Shadow to help him.