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Garland is the King of Cygnus. Caring not for his own safety, he jumps directly into battle with his men to defend his people at the cost of his own life. Although he seems like a tough person with hard rules, in actuality, he is very kind and is always willing to listen to the opinions of people.


Garland is fought twice in the game.


Stocke fights Garland alone, and while he only has around 500 HP, this can be a lot for a single character. Thankfully, he can be Poisoned, and often comes to the front row to deal around 60 damage per hit, which also makes him weaker to poisoning. After this, he should be pushed to the back row. If his HP falls low he will regularly use Wild Slash, which hits three times, and Warrior Dominance, which greatly increases the damage of his attacks. As such, Stocke should create a long chain, healing as necessary, and then cast Fire over and over until Garland is defeated. On a side note, Garland is not immune to Paralysis, which will reduce his number of attacks and prevent him from spamming Warrior Dominance and Wild Slash if it works.

Royal Hall

This battle, against Garland as a Black Guardian, is far more challenging. He is accompanied by two Silent Souls, which deal around 75 damage with their magic; Garland's physical attack now deals around 250 damage. While Aht can be present, Silent Souls cannot be pushed; however, Stocke's Dead Fencer Mana Burst can instantly destroy one as they only have 750 HP. Alternatively, you can concentrate on Garland. Again, he uses the lethal combination of Warrior Dominance and Wild Slash, which can easily KO a character, while the Silent Souls cripple another. When they are weakened Thin Slice can strike them all for 75 damage, which will quickly lead to a Game Over. Garland has around 2000 HP.