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Eruca (エルーカ, Erūka) is a playable character and the princess of Granorg.


Eruca is often complimented for her beauty, with flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes.


Eruca is a compassionate and much beloved princess. She has a strong moral compass and is not afraid to stand up for those below her station.


Early years

Eruca was given her family's destiny to perform a ritual to prevent the world from turning into sand, after her father, King Victor, had failed to perform the ritual himself. The Ritual involved one member of the royal family to be slain and then revived by splitting the soul of another member and placing a part into the lifeless body, giving them another life. Angry at their father for putting them in a difficult position, Eruca's brother, Ernst, was slain by King Victor for his insolence, and was used as the Sacrifice for the ritual. However, Ernst had disappeared at some point and was presumed dead, leaving Eruca to deal with the problem on her own once her father died.

At some point, Eruca had joined the rebellion against her stepmother, Queen Protea, hoping to somehow retrieve the stone Etherion needed to perform the ritual, and hoping to discover a method to stop the desertification process without the need of a sacrifice.

Game data


1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
50 348 206 40 36 85 96 37 32
99 649 399 76 72 182 215 72 67


Name MP Cost Range Description Learned
Mana-Shot 5 1 enemy Non-elemental Start
Aim Bullet 4 1 enemy Physical / Lowers ATK Start
Hard Shot 5 1 enemy Physical / Lowers MDF 21
Power Rise 10 All allies Temporarily raises ATK 21
Holy Arrow 20 1 column Non-elemental 28
G-Frost 15 1 enemy Ice damage (high) 32
Deadline 8 Front line Physical damage 35
Blizzard 20 1 row Ice damage 38
Judgement 18 + pattern Non-elemental 42
Magic Boost 4 1 ally Temporarily raises MAG 45
All Recovery 7 All allies Cures ailments 48
Push Assault 3 1 enemy Physical / Knocks target back 51
Chain Rave 15 Attack 3 times 54
Area G-Heal 15 All allies 60
Shine 25 Center column Non-elemental Sunlight Pact
Burst Light 15 All enemies Non-elemental Firelight Pact
Divine Light 10 1 ally Voids 2 attacks Protection Pact
Holy Light 18 All allies Revives from KO and recovers HP (high) Divine Pact

Mana Burst

Name Range Description Learned
Turn Break 1 enemy Deletes target's turn panel. White Page
Death Penalty + pattern Physical damage centered on target Black Page
Punishment All enemies Physical damage Beast Mark