The two Dias Guards are a boss in Radiant Historia, fought toward the end of Alternate History: Chapter 6 during the invasion of Granorg. They protect Dias, though he is never actually fought as a boss. They are aided by two monsters, Gold and Sapphire, in battle.


Dias Guards

Stocke and co. face the Dias Guards.

The battle can be a challenge if you are accustomed to using Aht's traps, which aren't as effective here for two reasons: Gold and Sapphire both occupy two squares, meaning only three squares are open to use traps at any one time, and they are seldom lined up in a way that a Star Trap could be positioned there. In addition, Gold and Sapphire can attack two times at once and can cast Fear and other magic-draining spells.

The Dias guards don't usually attack the party directly, but provide buffs and cast Heal on the jaguars. Taking them out, however, should be easy and top-priority. With only 1000 HP, they should go down fast, especially because Gold is weak to ice and Sapphire is weak to fire. Gold and Sapphire are then alone, but have 1500 HP each, and now that they can be pushed to the back row and crushed with magic (Gold is weak to ice and Sapphire to lightning) they shouldn't be too dangerous. A Magic Herb Plus, M.Def Down Plus, Guard Down Plus, and Beast Claw can be stolen from the two monsters.

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