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Cygnus (シグナス, Shigunasu) is a loose alliance of wanderers, drifters and refugees that was founded in the desert to the southwest of Vainqueur.



Cygnus was once divided amongst various small, quarrelling factions, but they all have united by Garland, the current King of Cygnus. The unified country has maintained a neutral stance in the feud between Granorg and Alistel, though Granorg's constant interference means there is little love lost between the two nations.

Many people were attracted to Cygnus by its policy of no-questions-asked acceptance, despite one's race or personal circumstances. The laws of the land are lax, but because of this, quarrels tend to break out quite often, and the citizens living there tend to be rather coarse.

Raynie reveals that after her parents were killed, the group of villagers she wandered around with left her in Cygnus because they thought she was too much of a burden.