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The Black Chronicle, also known as the Black Book of Flux, is one of the books of Flux made by the ancient Empire along with its twin, the White Chronicle.

It has the form of a book, but it functions as a container of Flux that can manipulate time using huge amounts of Mana. The wielder can move through space, time and parallel worlds with it as well as control the dead.


By freely manipulating time, the Black Chronicle once led the empire to prosperity, but then an incident with an experiment caused Mana to run out. The first generation bearer was then transformed into a monster that continuously absorbs Mana. This is the cause of the empire's downfall and the desertification problem that is currently hitting the continent of Vainqueur. After that monster was sealed by the emperor, it was decided to give the Black Chronicle to the caster in the Ritual of Flux. Its true purpose then became to use the powers of the Black Chronicle to reflect on the mistakes of the past, so that the precious victims who were sacrificed might be never forgotten.

The book was passed down through generations and it was ultimately in the possession of the late King Victor of Granorg, but he was killed by his brother out of hatred for being used as a sacrifice for the ritual. Heiss used it throughout the game to achieve his end goal of destroying the world.


Black Chronicle of Radiant Historia

Gafka attacks the Black Chronicle.

The Black Chronicle is fought, alongside an infinite number of Shadows, at the end of the game immediately before the boss Apocrypha. It cannot be damaged unless a Shadow is on the same tile as it, so using Gafka and Aht, both of whom have pushing-related skills, is a good idea.


You should concentrate on building chains that involve pushing as many Shadows as possible into the Black Chronicle, then blasting them with powerful magic. Gafka is helpful to this end with Wind God Strike, Elemental Beads, and Push Assault, but this can burn through his MP pretty fast, and it's best to save MP and MP-recovery items for Apocrypha. Because pushing will be necessary, Aht's Traps can be useful, but as they are ineffective against Apocrypha, this may not be such a good idea.

The Black Chronicle will have to cast Multiverse every turn to create new Shadows, and they mostly attack, though they can also drain MP. Speeding through the battle should be easy — it can be easily beaten at level 50 or above, and the Black Chronicle has around 2500 HP.