The following is a list of armors that can be found in Radiant Historia.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor is worn by Stocke, Raynie, Marco, and Rosch.

Name DEF MDF Bonus Description Get
Brigandine +8 +5 Old, military-issue vest Initial equipment
Bronze Mail +14 +10 Light, mass-produced armor Alistel, Alma Mine, Granorg
Silver Mail +15 +24 Laced with silver threads Alistel, Alma Mine, Celestia, Granorg
Heavy Mail +21 +15 SPD-2 Protective but ponderous Alistel, Celestia, Granorg
Mail Vest +22 +17 Leather with metal rings Granorg
Runic Mail +24 +32 Charmed to repel evil spirits Cornet Village
Iron Mail +28 +22 Sheets of metal woven together Cygnus, Itolia Wasteland, Skalla
Bloody Armor +30 +25 ATK+10 Decorated with sharp thorns Skalla
Giant Armor +30 +40 MP+30 Channels life energy Itolia Wasteland
Steal: Palomides
Elemental Mail +32 +48 SPD-1 Crafted from mystic stone Forgia
Gospel Armor +33 +23 LUC+20 Armor of great blessings Reward: Search for Friends
Sable Larme +33 +25 MAG+5 Supposedly of sand god tears Reward: An Unwanted Reunion
Titanium Mail +34 +27 Armor crafted by artisans Granorg
Grace Mail +34 +55 Armor from blessed ore Sand Fortress
Mythril Mail +38 +64 SPD-2 Higly protective armor Underground Lab
Adamantine Mail +40 +32 Designed for durability Skalla
Tungsten Mail +42 +24 SPD-2 Heavy, but with high defense Forgia
Diamond Mail +46 +37 Brilliantly shining armor Granorg
Chevalier +55 +45 HP+200 Worn only by true knights Royall Hall
Drop: Ginas
Orichalque Mail +65 +30 SPD-3 Notoriously difficult to forge Underground Lab
Drop: Alistel Officer


Cloaks are worn by Stocke and Aht.

Name DEF MDF Bonus Description Get
Handmade Poncho +6 +5 A light fur poncho Initial equipment: Aht
Beast Skins +9 +12 Made of durable dermis Alistel, Celestia
Silver Cape +9 +34 SPD-1 Woven for spiritual protection Alistel, Alma Mine, Celestia, Granorg
Life Robe +12 +19 HP+50 Woven with a seal of life Judgement Cliffs
Chain Kimono +12 +19 Robes woven with metal links Cygnus, Itolia Wasteland
Hymnal Cape +12 +41 SPD-1 Embroidered with scripture Celestia, Cornet Village, Forgia, Granorg, Sand Fortress
Rabbit Robe +15 +26 SPD+5 A light robe of rabbit fur Itola Wasteland
Drop: Black Curtain
Gold Clothes +15 +26 Beautiful golden fabric Alistel, Cygnus, Forgia, Itolia Wasteland, Skalla
Moonlight Cape +15 +52 SPD-2 A cape made of moonlight Sand Fortress
Brave Robe +19 +33 ATK+15 A robe to awaken courage Itolia Wasteland
Drop: Desert Mercenary
Gemstone Cape +18 +33 Decorated with precious gems Skalla
Sunrise Cape +18 +59 SPD-3 A cape made of sunlight Alistel
Reinforced Cape +20 +12 SPD-1 Cloth with a layer of metal Alistel, Celestia, Granorg
Fortune Robe +21 +40 LUC+30 Calls forth love of the gods Abyssia Forest
Drop: Wizard
White Gold Wear +21 +40 Woven with white gold thread Skalla
Mana Cape +21 +68 SPD-3 Glows with the light of Mana Underground Lab
Clergy Raiment +24 +47 Robes for those who serve God Granorg
Clensing Cape +30 +36 MAG+5 Worn by generations of shamans Reward: Wandering Soul
Skull Cape +32 +26 SPD-2 Bits of bone are woven in Forgia, Holff Ruins
Steal: Iron Shell
Satyros Finery +38 +52 MP+50 Worn by Satyros nobility Imperial Ruins
Drop: Mana Storm
Giant Cape +45 +33 SPD-3 Rumored to be made by giants Forgia
Moirae Manteau +48 +41 Stocke only A cape from a goddess of time Reward: The Road to Victory

Plate Armor

Plate armor is worn exclusively by Gafka.

Name DEF MDF Bonus Description Get
Old Breastplate +4 A battle-scarred bit of armor Initial equipment
Slashing Wind +3 SPD+3 Etched in feather patterns Lazvil Hills
Drop: Rafflesia
Running Sand +7 +1 SPD+5 Enhances running speed Skalla
Leather Cuirass +8 +3 Armor of leather layers Celestia
Holy Plate +9 +15 SPD-1 Silver plate keeps evil at bay Cornet Village
Chain Byrnie +12 +6 A shirt of heavy chain Cornet Village
Binding Plate +14 +23 SPD-2 Protective but restrictive Forgia
Feather Guard +15 Lightweight, but still strong Judgement Cliff
Steal: Poison Crab
Divine Protector +15 +7 LUC+10 Provides heavenly protection Cygnus
Steal: Bodyguard
Blessed Plate +15 +23 SPD-1 Engraved with a prayer Forgia
Iron Breastplate +16 +9 Chest armor of dark metal Cygnus, Itolia Wasteland, Skalla
Bestial Soul +18 +11 ATK+10 Sealed with a wolf's spirit Skalla
Elemental Plate +18 +31 SPD-2 Armor of carved stone Alistel
Alloy Plate +20 +12 A breastplate of many metals Granorg
Nirvana Plate +22 +45 SPD-4 Ensures great safety Imperial Ruins
Diamond Lorica +24 +24 Incredibly durable and lustrous Skalla
Mighty Protector +28 +18 Given only to the strongest Granorg
Jeweled Guard +30 Decorated with jewels Abyssia Forest
Drop: Grand Bear
Master Guard +35 +28 SPD+5 Worn by the strongest Gutrals Royal Hall, Imperial Ruins
Drop: Gigas
Champion Guard +45 For those with determination Underground Waterway
Drop: Brynhildr


Dresses are worn by Eruca.

Name DEF MDF Bonus Description Get
Simple Dress +3 +10 A traditional, classy dress Initial equipment
Glitter Dress +6 +15 LUC+5 Provides slight insight Granorg
Steal: Sand Hunter
Cocktail Dress +6 +15 A gorgeous evening dress Granorg
Chainmail Dress +9 +20 A dress of woven metal links Granorg
Shadowrun Dress +9 +24 SPD+5 Promises silent footsteps Skalla
Silver Dress +9 +35 SPD-1 The silver thread repels evil Celestia
Metal Dress +12 +15 SPD-1 Reinforced with a metal lining Holff Ruins
Drop: Ice Tail
Gold Dress +12 +25 Sparkly dress of golden thread Cygnus, Itolia Wasteland, Skalla
Rune Dress +12 +43 SPD-1 Woven with protective spells Cornet Village, Forgia
Fortune Gown +15 +30 LUC+20 Invites good luck Granorg
Steal: Protea Guard
Jeweled Gown +15 +30 Bedecked with gemstones Granorg
Diana Dress +15 +52 SPD-1 A dress made of moonlight Sand Fortress
Thorned Dress +16 +27 ATK+10 A dress with strategic thorns Skalla
Platinum Dress +18 +35 A beautiful shining dress Skalla
Apollo Dress +18 +61 SPD-1 A dress made of sunlight Alistel
Charisma Dress +21 +40 A dress worn by the chosen Granorg
Luminous Dress +21 +70 SPD-2 Emanates a mystical light Royal Hall
Skull Dress +24 +30 SPD-1 Decorated with bits of bone Forgia
Divinity Dress +25 +55 Fashion fit for a goddess Imperial Ruins
Drop: Menas
Deformed Dress +35 +40 SPD-2 Made for inhuman wearers Underground Waterway
Drop: Death Wasp