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This is the first chapter in story where Stocke serves under Rosch's brigade. It is titled Adversity.

A New Mission

In Granorg, a cutscene shows Queen Protea expressing her disappointment with Selvan and Dias because of Alistel having regained control of the Sand Fortress. When they are alone, Dias and Selvan agree that Heiss must be held responsible for the failed attack, but Selvan proposes a way to use him.
Back in Alistel, Stocke is having a break with Raynie and Marco. Suddenly Kiel appears to take him to Sonja, who wants to check the wounds he received in the previous events (although it is later clear that it was Rosch who asked Sonja to do it). Rosch reaches them in the infirmary to tell Stocke that Lt. General Raul wants all of them in his office to discuss their next mission.
Enter Raul's office.

Summoned by Raul

In Raul's office, Stocke and Rosch meet General Hugo, who congratulates the "young Lions of Alistel" about their promotion to Major and Lieutenant before leaving the office. Raul has a new mission for the two friends: Rosch and his brigade have to reach Judgement Cliff, where an informant will give them the next order. Before letting them go, however, Raul warns them about Hugo, reminding Rosch and Stocke that Field Marschal Viola, once called too the "Lion of Alistel", had been sent to the Sand Fortress by Hugo himself for fear of her popularity.

Through Lazvil

Leave for Judgement Cliff (to Lazvil Hills, then left, down, left, left).
When Stocke, Rosch and their brigade reach Judgment Cliff, one of Heiss' men blended into the army gives Stocke a message from Heiss: he'd better come back into Specint, otherwise he will meet a sad fate along with the troop. Stocke coldly declines his offer and the messenger gives him new details concerning the mission - which is to join Field Marshal Viola's unit at the Sand Fortress - before leaving. Rosch is taken by surprise at these news, considering that his men are too few to be adequate reinforcements.

Heiss' Intentions

Both Raynie and Marco have an odd feeling about the man, who's heading for Judgment Cliff. The two, together with Stocke, follow him.
Head down one screen to Judgement Cliff, then up two.
Kill the spy, who is actually the first incarnation of Shadow. While dying, he explains that, since Specint is somehow still unofficial on paper and in no position to oppose Raul, Heiss has planned of taking Stocke back by having Rosch fall into disgrace. When he reveals that somebody envious of Rosch's success is behind this plan too, a voice accuses him of having spoken too much: the man is surrounded by a black glow and turns into sand. Upon going back to Rosch, Stocke warns him that their destination might not be a coincidence, but does not speak about the messenger being hit by the Sand Plague.

Reporting to Viola

Head north until coming to the Sand Fortress, then head inside.

The Valkyrie

Talk to Kiel and learn about his admiration for Stocke and Viola.
Talk to Kiel on 2F (in the leftmost room) and offer to train him.Talk to Rosch in the second room in the raised part of 1F and agree to go along.
Leads to completion of Kiel's Talent.Viola's brigade attacks the Granorgite army on Gran Plain, while Rosch Brigade holds the Sand Fortress. Unfortunately, the Granorgites break through.
If you've completed Ambush Tactics and Collecting Wood, Stocke decides to destroy the invisible bombs. There's one on 1F's raised area left, one on 1F's raised area right, one on 2F's raised area right, and one on 3F, left of the stairwell to 2F.
Leads to Conditions Worsen.

Kiel's Talent

Kiel teaches Stocke sword dancing, allowing for the completion of Sword Dancing.

Conditions Worsen

Decide whether or not to send reinforcements after Viola.
Defend the Fortress and trust Viola. While waiting, Stocke notices a soldier acting strangely and follows him outside the Fortress, only to lose him in the desert.Send reinforcements after Viola.
Leads to Front of Despair.
The battle was a distraction so that Granorgites could sneak through and set off bombs in the Fortress.
Leads to Ambush Tactics.
If you've destroyed the bombs in The Valkyrie (cannot be done the first time through), the Rosch Brigade holds their own against the Granorgites.
Leads to Sand Fortress Battle.

Ambush Tactics

The fortress's entrances are destroyed with the bombs. Dead end.

Sand Fortress Battle

Leave through the Fortress's north exit, which is swarming with Granorgites, and kill Grey Shadow and the two Granorg Archers and Light Granorgite that defend him.

A Message From Home

After the battle, Stocke and Rosch meet Field Marshal Viola and celebrate their victory. A few days later, however, Stocke learns that Rosch has been ordered to return to Alistel; fearing that Hugo may be scheming something against his friend, Stocke asks Kiel, who will go with Rosch to the capital, to never let him alone. Meanwhile, at Alistel, Fennel, Hugo and Heiss decide to deploy the thaumachines to the Fortress to use in battle against the Granorg army.
Leads to Alistel's Offensive.


Front of Despair

Stocke proposes to split the brigade in two and send a backup unit to help Viola. His detachment ambushed High Colonel Dias' troops and forced Granorg's retreat. But it actually was a trap: another army attacked the Sand Fortress and Rosch, while fighting bravely with his limited number of soldiers, was overpowered. The Alistel army was left stranded in Granorg's territory. Bad ending.

A Knight's End

Rosch and Sonja never admit their feelings for each other, and Rosch drowns his sorrow by dedicating himself to the army. He's later killed on the front lines as one of Alistel's top generals.

A Voice Unheard

The truth behind Alistellian politics is not revealed, and Hugo becomes an absolute dictator.


Marco the Calm

During A New Mission, talk to the soldier in blue in the room on the upper right of Alistel's first floor. He tells you he needs to find some scrolls. This also starts Raynie the Active.
If Accident in the Cave has been completed, the Right-Cut Scroll can be used to teach Marco Right Assault.
If Despairing Young Man has been completed, the Left-Cut Scroll can be used to teach Marco Left Assault.
If Stocke has a Sleep Gas Scroll from Cornet, it can be used to teach Marco Sleep Cloud.
If Stocke has a Roll-Cut Scroll from Abyssia Forest, it can be used to teach Marco Spin Slash.
After Marco learns all four abilities, the quest is completed.

Raynie the Active

During A New Mission, talk to the soldier in blue in the room on the upper right of Alistel's first floor. He tells you he needs to find some scrolls. This also starts Marco the Calm.
If Stocke has a Darkshield Scroll from the Sand Fortress, it can be used to teach Raynie Resist Boost.
If Second Opinion has been completed, the Slumbering Scroll can be used to teach Raynie Sleep Break.
If Stocke has a Poisoner's Scroll from the Itolia Wasteland, it can be used to teach Raynie Poison Blast.
If The Good Thief's Way has been completed, the Piercing Scroll can be used to teach Raynie Armor Break.
After Raynie learns all four abilities, the quest is completed.

Red-Letter Day

Talk to Meese in the left laboratory in Alistel's basement during A New Mission. She tells you Sonja has been acting strangely.
Talk to Sonja in her office. Sonja admits she feels Rosch has been avoiding her.
Return to The Beginning and tell Rosch what Sonja said.
Tell Rosch to talk to Sonja and admit his feelings.Talk to Sonja yourself.
Rosch and Sonja admit their feelings, unlocking Iron-Armed General.Sonja never talks to Rosch, leading to A Knight's End.
Talk to Meese to get a P.Thauma Spear as thanks.

Flower of Promise

During A New Mission, talk to to the woman by the flowers in the southeast corner of Alistel Castle's first floor, who wants a Celestia Iris.
During The Beastkind Forest, talk to the Satyros at the save point to recieve a Celestia Iris.
The Celestia Iris will only bloom during The Beginning, so give it to the woman then.
The gardener offers Stocke a Thaumatech Orb if she is visited in A New Mission after growing the Celestia Iris.

A Letter to Tomorrow

During A New Mission, head up the stairs past the Second Ward pub, and talk to Cedric, who is writing a book and wants information from Viola.
During The Valkyrie, ask Viola for information. She's too busy to give any.
During Alistel's Offensive, talk to Viola, who entrusts Stocke with her diary.
Talk to Cedric.
Give Cedric Viola's diary.Don't trust Cedric with the diary.
The diary is a valuable source for Cedric.Leads to A Voice Unheard.
Unlocks Valkyrie in Repose.

Engineer Recruit

During A New Mission, talk to the receptionist on the First Floor, who needs an engineer to help with military functions.
In The Closed Mine, leave the mine and talk to Bergan in the house.
The receptionist thanks Stocke with 3000G.